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We offer Many Green Packaging Options.




We take audio cassette tapes and VHS tapes and transfer them to CD's, DVD's and web files. 

We have some of the best prices available including those found on the web.


We also duplicate CD's and DVD's on site in Ashland, Oregon.  The duplication at Media 14 is capable of creating 200 burned and printed CD's or DVD's per hour.  We will help you to create art for the discs and for your packaging.  Routinely we give you one hour of free graphics work. We have been providing this service for the last 15 years.  We duplicate around 30,000 discs a year.

For larger orders, usually over 1,000 discs we use a factory that we have done business with for over 10 years.  We will also help you prepare your files so they are factory ready.

We have also authored 100's of DVD's and provide that service at reasonable rates.  When you are done editing, bring your files to us and we will make you unique menus and chapter points

so the navigation is very easy for your customers.



We also offer BluRay authoring and duplication.  Call us for great prices for BluRays.  








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